Finding Alpha in Scheduling Earnings Announcements


Using Wall Street Horizon data as a primary source in this academic study, the authors find that the announcement of a scheduled earnings release date itself can be associated with significant abnormal returns if it either advances or delays..

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There’s Alpha in Corporate Event Timing


Scheduling corporate events such as earnings release dates can point to significant, untapped sources of alpha, as firm-initiated revisions to expected earnings announcement dates are strong predictors of firms’ upcoming earnings news and future.

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How to Generate Alpha with Earnings Date Revisions


MIT Professor So finds firms that advance their earnings dates generated greater earnings performance, higher returns and a greater Return on Assets on average than those that delayed their announcements and did so by a significant margin.

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Turning Bear Friday into Bull Friday


Instead of burying earnings information on Fridays, managers are actually highlighting it. Savvy managers might highlight unexpectedly good earnings by releasing them on Friday, when the market is thought to be napping, but is actually wide awake.

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