Investor Conferences

Corporate events created by companies or attended by their executives can provide compelling insight on the overall financial health of the companies involved. The digital revolution has resulted in an explosion of corporate event information - both in volume and in types of investor events.

Publicly traded companies are constantly self-disclosing information in new ways, especially when it comes to investor conferences. Uncovering and understanding the patterns within corporate event data - such as repetitive and sporadic scheduling, time/day of week schedules and a confluence of events at the same company or comparisons to peer companies - can benefit your investing strategies.

For example, consider a key conference and its many variations, including dates and locations of the event, the presenters' names and job titles, and the topics discussed.

  • What if the presenter changes?
  • What is the status of a keynote speaker?
  • What if the event is canceled altogether?

Investor Conferences & Events

  • Coverage of buy-side and sell-side investor conferences
  • Accurate, specific information on event dates, venues, and URL links
  • Detailed presenter information, including executive names and titles, company names, and scheduled dates and times
  • Over 7,700 conferences annually in North America and globally
  • Over 29,000 company presentations at conferences (North American companies)
  • Over 1,000 Analyst/Investor Days (North American companies)
  • Covers global companies including NYSE, NASDAQ, OTC, FTSE 100, CAC 40, DAX 30, Hang Seng 50, Nikkei 225, EAFE and Dow Jones STOXX 1000 constituent companies
  • Growing number of investor-related event types including conferences, road shows, company travel, forums, summits, business updates, workshops, analyst days, capital markets days, R&D days and seminars.

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