Since dividends and dividend payment announcements are known to be key influencers of stock price volatility, it is important to have the most accurate dividend information. If a company's dividend payments aren't consistent, investors may respond unpredictably, resulting in abnormal returns. Changes in dividend policy affect the stock price, while dividend payment announcements can impact investor expectations. Investors need to consider what it will mean for a stock if a company suspends, resumes, increases, decreases or leaves a dividend unchanged.

Wall Street Horizon's flagship dividend offering features information on all corporate dividends and ETF distributions payable in the next 12 months, not just the next dividend. Options for delivery for institutional traders and investors include: FTP, API or streaming feed.

Need all dividends and distributions?

Dividends & Distributions

Covers close to 5,300 dividend paying companies, over 200 providers & 2,300 Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) in US. Includes ex dividend date, dividend record date, dividend pay date, dividend amount, and dividend frequency.

Need the dividend feed faster?

Dividend Monitor

To meet the fast delivery requirements of options traders, HFT/algo traders and market makers, we offer a streaming feed of announced dividend dates and amounts.

Need a full ETF calendar?

ETF Calendar

The ETF Event Calendar delivers projected and historical ETF distribution dates and amounts for over US 2,300 ETFs.

Need Archived Data?

Historical Data

Wall Street Horizon's historical event data are the industry's largest, most detailed and most accurate archiving of this type of event data. We archive data as we publish it and offer history corresponding to the above data. For detailed information, contact us.