A steadily increasing dividend payout is viewed as a strong indication of a company's continuing success. Institutional traders and investors may need to track dividend dates, amounts and status by the seconds, minutes or hours. This is how Wall Street Horizon has structured its delivery - it's all about getting the data at the speed you need. Options for delivery include: GUI, API, XML data feeds or low-latency streaming feed.


Sampling of dividend events viewed in Enchilada GUI

Core Events Calendar

Subscribe to the Core Events Calendar to receive the dividend information you need.

  • Upcoming earnings calendar dates - confirmed or forecasted, with the expected timing of announcements
  • Earnings conference call details - dates, times and URLs; direct links to earnings call transcripts
  • Announced dividends - dates, ex-dividend dates, amounts and frequency
  • Dividend status for each company - pay, don't pay, suspended, resumed
  • Announced stock splits - dates and ratios
  • Shareholder and Board Meeting information - dates
  • Covers 7,000 global companies including NYSE, NASDAQ, OTC, FTSE 100, CAC 40, DAX 30, Hang Seng 50, Nikkei 225, EAFE and Dow Jones STOXX 1000 constituent companies

Dividend Monitor- Low-Latency

To meet the fast delivery requirements of options traders, HFT/algo traders and market makers, we offer the following real-time (within one second) feed:

  • Low-latency streaming feed of announced dividend dates and amounts
  • Includes calculated changes and notification of reschedules
  • Covers all North American companies announcing over primary source newswires
    • More than 4,000 per quarter
  • Augmented with dividend data sourced directly from:
    • Investor Relations contacts
    • Company websites
    • SEC filings

Comprehensive Equity Dividends & ETF Distributions

  • covering 3,700 worldwide equities & 1,700 ETF actively traded securities (US)
  • announced dividend and distribution dates (confirmed or estimated) - ex dates, record dates, pay dates, amounts, frequency
  • dividend status - pays, does not pay, suspended, resumed, special
  • Updated 8 times per day

ETF Event Calendar

The ETF Event Calendar delivers projected and historical ETF distribution dates and amounts for over 1,700 ETFs. Data elements provided in this machine-readable feed include:

  • Announced distribution dates and distribution income
  • Year-end distributions, including break-outs for short-term and long-term capital gains, other income, and total distribution
  • Status updates - confirmed or issuer estimated
  • Announced stock splits - dates and ratios
  • Prior year announced distributions and stock splits
  • Optional data add-ons covering projected distribution income for rolling 12 months ahead - confirmed or forecasted

Historical Data

Looking back at single-stock events, and more specifically, analyzing what information was known about them and when it was made public, yields unique intelligence about their market impact. Quantitative traders and analysts can gain valuable insights from this intelligence to use in strategy development and model backtesting.

Wall Street Horizon's historical event datasets are the industry's largest, most detailed, and most accurate listings of this type of event data. Available datasets include:

Earnings Announcements

  • EPS with date and timestamp
  • Date announcements with timestamp of press release
  • Time-stamped audit trail of confirmations and revisions to upcoming earnings dates
  • Daily snapshots of upcoming earnings dates (forecasted and confirmed) as projected as of any historical date

Earnings Conference Calls

  • Dates and times

Dividends and Stock Splits

  • Dates and amounts
  • Date announcements with timestamp of press release

Shareholder and Board Meetings

  • Dates

ETF Distributions and Splits

  • Dates and amounts

Investor Conferences

  • Dates and presenters
  • Confirmations and changes to scheduled company presentations

Analysts Days

  • Dates and times
  • Time-stamped audit trail

International: R&T, Shareholder Meetings

  • Dates and times

International: Dividends

  • Dates and times