Company Overview

Founded in 2003, Wall Street Horizon has spent the past 20 years focused solely on providing the most accurate corporate event data in the industry. With this exclusive focus, the company has optimized its process of collecting, analyzing and verifying forward-looking corporate event information for 10,000 publicly traded companies worldwide. As of November 2022, we are pleased to share that TMX Group Limited has acquired Wall Street Horizon. The Wall Street Horizon team looks forward to combining its corporate event expertise with TMX's global reach to help enhance offerings and coverage for clients worldwide. View press release.

Combination of machine + human-based methodology

Wall Street Horizon continually monitors multiple primary sources of corporate event data, including press releases, company websites, SEC filings and corporate IR information. Our process leverages proprietary algorithms for information gathering, combined with the human touch, which includes proactive outreach of over 50,000 times per year to corporate IR officers by our staff of in-house experienced analysts. The result is systematic, spot-on collection of event dates and content. Our data is 100% compliant and are happy to provide our detailed compliance statement upon request. Contact us here.

Corporate body language

Wall Street Horizon corporate event data helps traders read the non-financial cues. Wall Street Horizon pioneered the notion of corporate body language that includes the signals public company executives relay to the market in their actions.

The Company is now advancing their research with new intelligence into what earnings date has been confirmed and when, providing the most insight available into the full quarterly earnings window. Our new product Confirmation Timing explores how the timing of a confirmation date telegraphs information to the market - focusing on company implications when the date occurs outside of its typical range of the same quarter.

Industry awards

Wall Street Horizon, headquartered outside of Boston, MA, is recognized in the financial community as an innovator and leader. Our recent industry citations are included below.

Experienced Leadership

Wall Street Horizon is led by a team of accomplished financial services industry executives. With combined experience from organizations such as Fidelity, S&P, Thomson Reuters and other top firms, our leadership team members have built institutional trading systems, made markets for traded securities, and earned technology patents. Their collective expertise in the strategic use of data in investment processes guides all facets of our operations. Our leadership team is active in the community, participating as members of organizations such as Chicago Quantitative Alliance (CQA). Executives often speak at conferences such as The Trading Show and Beryl Elites Financial conference on event data and the affect on trading and risk strategies.