Risk Management

Any corporate event - whether it's a shifted earnings date or new M&A announcement - is a volatility event and can affect your position on an equity. Many leading investment management firms use Wall Street Horizon's corporate event data feeds not only to capture alpha, but to sidestep risk. By keeping on top of events, firms can manage the volatility that results from corporate event movement and avoid missing a trading opportunity. By integrating WSH data feeds into their trading systems, risk managers can capitalize on corporate event information when they want it.

We offer the following data feeds and services:

DateBreaks 3.0 - Earnings Date Revisions

Institutional investors increasingly rely upon earnings date revisions to help formulate trading and risk strategies. Recent academic research has shown that tracking changes to earnings announcement dates can help investors generate additional alpha or mitigate risk in their portfolios.

By keeping clients apprised of critical market-moving event revisions, DateBreaks data empowers financial professionals to take advantage of - or avoid - short-term volatility in a given equity or its underlying option. DateBreaks is a time-stamped alert and contains confirmations, revisions, and pattern recognition detail related to earnings release dates. Highlights include:

  • NEW A statistical measurement of how an earnings date (confirmed or revised) compares to the reporting company's 5-year trend for the same quarter.

  • NEW A forecasted earnings date confidence indicator contrasts a current earnings date to a company's historical patterns.

  • NEW A "days changed" indicator tracks how many days an earnings date has moved compared to the first earnings date projected for that quarter.

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Enchilada, the customizable web-based application, rolls up all the corporate events for 9,000 global equities in one convenient location. In addition, with the Enchilada API, Wall Street Horizon clients have an easy and efficient way to build applications around our 40+ data types.

Enchilada will help ensure you:

  • Avoid being surprised by a sudden event-triggered swing in a stock's price
  • Save time finding, monitoring and updating important and hard to find corporate event information

Key Features

Focus on the Stocks and Events You Care About

Stay informed of the corporate events that may cause volatility in a stock's price with:

  • 40+ different corporate event types including newly added: same store sales announcements, class action lawsuits, movie and video releases and more
  • Coverage of 9,000 global equities
  • The ability to create an unlimited number of watch-lists
  • The option to easily download your query results into an XML file