Risk Management

Any corporate event - whether it's a shifted earnings date or new M&A announcement - is a volatility event and can affect your position on an equity. Many leading investment management firms use Wall Street Horizon's corporate event data feeds not only to capture alpha, but to sidestep risk. By keeping on top of events, firms can manage the volatility that results from corporate event movement and avoid missing a trading opportunity. By integrating WSH data feeds into their trading systems, risk managers can capitalize on corporate event information when they want it.

We offer the following data feeds and services:

Core Events Calendar

  • Upcoming earnings calendar dates - confirmed or forecasted, with the expected timing of announcements
  • Earnings conference call details - dates, times and URLs; direct links to earnings call transcripts
  • Announced dividends - dates, ex-dividend dates, amounts and frequency
  • Dividend status for each company - pay, don't pay, suspended, resumed
  • Announced stock splits - dates and ratios
  • Shareholder and Board Meeting information - dates
  • Covers 12,000 global companies including NYSE, NASDAQ, OTC, FTSE 100, CAC 40, DAX 30, Hang Seng 50, Nikkei 225, EAFE and Dow Jones STOXX 1000 constituent companies

EventBreaks -- Corporate Event Revisions

As the corporate event surveillance experts, Wall Street Horizon knows too well how event data movement can make or break an investment strategy. According to the 2018 Corporate Event Research Survey, the majority the investment community polled by Wall Street Horizon needs to know when a company makes a change to any corporate event. The top two reasons reported were needing to track stocks on watchlists followed by trading on event changes.

With EventBreaks, clients are alerted immediately of event movement for more than 40 event types across 12,000 global equities such as:

  • an earnings date or earnings conference call that is delayed
  • a company's Investor Conference presenter is changed from the CEO to a product manager; or a shareholder meeting is moved from the company's home city to a location 500 miles away
  • a buyback offering that is extended, with new terms.

The data is provided in a variety of delivery formats to incorporate into your workflow and trading systems including: low latency streaming feed, on-demand XML data feed, API and via our web-based application, Enchilada.


Enchilada, the customizable web-based application, rolls up all the corporate events for 12,000 global equities in one convenient location. In addition, with the Enchilada API, Wall Street Horizon clients have an easy and efficient way to build applications around our 40+ data types.

Enchilada will help ensure you:

  • Avoid being surprised by a sudden event-triggered swing in a stock's price
  • Save time finding, monitoring and updating important and hard to find corporate event information

Key Features

Focus on the Stocks and Events You Care About

Stay informed of the corporate events that may cause volatility in a stock's price with:

  • 40+ different corporate event types including newly added: same store sales announcements, class action lawsuits, movie and video releases and more
  • Coverage of 12,000 global equities
  • The ability to create an unlimited number of watch-lists
  • The option to easily download your query results into an XML file

Check out the demo of Enchilada on Thomson Reuters' Eikon.

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