LERI (Late Earnings Report Index)

The Wall Street Horizon LERI (Late Earnings Report Index) is a proprietary index that allows investors and traders to factor in the market intelligence derived from US public companies releasing earnings later than their historical average, which typically signals negative news on the horizon.

What is the current LERI reading?

The latest published LERI reading was 114 for Q2 2024, calculated during on the first day of the earnings season on April 13, 2024. The next published LERI reading will be available in early May 2024.

The timing of a firm's earnings release is one indicator of its financial health, according to findings from several independent academic studies. The LERI tracks the number of off-trend earnings date confirmations reported later or earlier than their historical average at US publicly traded companies with market capitalizations of $250M and higher. A reading over 100 demonstrates more companies are delaying reports and is meant to be watched carefully.

We calculate the LERI at the start and the end of the peak weeks of the earnings season, you can view the latest published readings in the graphs below. Note: 2020 is excluded due to abnormally high earnings delays.