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A Holiday Gift for Event Traders


Those who trade off of corporate events know that when a company delays the release of their earnings it's typically because there is bad news to report.  

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Why Investors and Traders Need to Track PDUFA Dates


With the strong comeback of the biotech sector in 2017, now is as good a time as any to consider the corporate event data that can affect volatility. Although event data can range from FDA drug approval dates and FDA Advisory Committee meetings t

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Corporate ‘Body Language’ and How to Capitalize on It


We all use non-verbal forms of communication with our posture, gestures and facial expressions. Sometimes it’s used consciously and purposefully, such as when a detective interrogates a suspect.  But most often, it’s done subconsciously, like when a

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WSH Corporate Event Research 2016 Highlights


For 14 years, Wall Street Horizon has focused on providing accurate corporate event data – because we know that corporate events impact volatility.  For example, recent independent academic studies have demonstrated that changes in earnings ann

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