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How Is Wall Street Horizon Better? Uncensored Opinions from our Undisclosed Clients

iStock-841941260 (1).jpgIn nearly every meeting I have with prospects, they ask the same question:

“How is Wall Street Horizon’s corporate events data better than what we get with our ‘big box’ data terminal?”

Rather than hear from me, answers straight from our clients are far more impactful. After all, they’re the ones paying to use our data every day to inform their models, sharpen their strategies, and to gain an edge that helps them make money or avoid losing it.

But as every sales executive in our industry knows, getting institutional clients to talk on the record is like trying to move mountains.

The following are actual, word-for-word quotes from Wall Street Horizon clients touching on quality, accuracy and comprehensiveness of our corporate event data offerings. They are buy-side tech and financial leaders from hedge funds, market makers and asset managers, along with quants, options traders, and more. 

If you suspect that these may be fabricated, call my bluff.  Contact me and I’ll show you that they are real. 


  • “We greatly appreciate your service. Wall Street Horizon’s attention to detail is second to none and takes the pressure off of me so I can focus on other aspects of our market making.”

  • “Other forecasted event dates are just not great. Taking last year’s date and changing the year isn’t good enough. Wall Street Horizon’s focus on this kind of data delivers solid, accurate forecasted dates to us. We like that.”

  • “I find Wall Street Horizon’s data to have far fewer errors than I/B/E/S or CompuStat for earnings announcement dates.”


  • “When a corporate event date changes, we see Wall Street Horizon’s change immediately on our screens. Sometimes it takes others hours or days to update.”

Unique Data

  • “Wall Street Horizon is the only vendor that captures and reports on event date revisions. To see how these dates move is critical to my trading strategy.”

  • “You are the only ones with good historical datasets for back-testing.”


  • “The machine-readable feeds from Wall Street Horizon are ‘stupid simple’ and much easier to implement than anything else I’ve worked with.”

  • “I was able to get your XML file up and running in one day. Thanks!”


  • “Your machine-readable data is much, much less expensive than other sources.”

Service Level

  • “I enjoy interacting with your analysts who know their stuff cold and can provide good color commentary on a situation. Your competitors either don’t offer the same access or try but don’t come close.”

  • “We love your responsiveness.”

As a data vendor to many of the world’s largest hedge funds and financial firms, we know, understand and protect our client’s need for secrecy.  They may not like to talk about us, but that’s only because they understand the value that they get from us.

Would you like to experience our edge yourself?  Contact us for more info.

Barry L. Star is CEO of Wall Street Horizon.