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Wall Street Horizon Readies ETF Calendar Feed


Woburn, Mass.-based corporate earnings and event data provider Wall Street Horizon has launched a new ETF Calendar Data Feed to provide institutional traders and market makers with access to announced, projected and historical exchange-traded fund distributions, to enable them to better manage ETF investments.

The feed provides data on announced ETF payouts ("distributions"), such as declared and payable dates, distribution incomes to six decimal places, year-end distributions, and announcement status ("confirmed," meaning announced by the ETF sponsor, or "unconfirmed," meaning estimated by the sponsor). The feed also contains projected distribution dates, announced splits for the coming year, and historical ETF distributions and splits.

In the past, traders had to conduct time-consuming research across multiple sources to piece together ETF distribution data, by trawling the websites of each ETF sponsor for announcements, says Todd Richman, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Wall Street Horizon. "When a company announces distributions for the ETF world, they can be in PDFs, on websites, or in spreadsheets. They also issue projected distributions... and schedules for future announcements, which can be monthly, quarterly or semi-annually. Getting this data across all ETFs and ETF providers is very inefficient," he says.

In response, the vendor has created a real-time data feed of ETF announcements, forecasts and historical data in a standardized machine-readable XML format. The calendar covers distributions and splits for around 1,200 ETFs from all the major providers, including all US-listed "optionable" ETFs, and is updated eight times each day between 5am and 11pm US Eastern Time to ensure traders have up-to-date data.

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