2023’s Box Office Bounce Back: Hollywood Strives to Shake Off Industry Drama

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  • ‘Barbenheimer’ ignited a summer renaissance in movie-goer activity, and studios hope for an end-of-year flourish
  • Despite plenty of setbacks and drama, entertainment stocks have performed well in 2023
  • We spotlight major motion pictures set to lure the public back to theaters as the holiday season winds down and 2024 unfolds

It has been a dramatic stretch in the content world. Between management shake-ups at Disney late last year and the jump in streaming service costs throughout 2023, the film industry has undergone a roller coaster ride.

Summer blockbusters Barbie and Oppenheimer attracted families back to the theaters, and then Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour musical resulted in flocks of fans earlier this quarter. The news has not been purely two thumbs up, however, evidenced by a recent flop by the once-dominant Marvel franchise. Toss in the Hollywood actors’ and writers’ strike, and this year’s trailer is one fraught with twists.