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Yahoo Finance Chartbook: 50 charts tell the story about markets and the economy right now

See all 50 charts and commentary on Yahoo Finance.


Through the year's first seven months, 2023 has defied investor expectations.

The US economy continues to grow as economists abandon recession forecasts. The stock market has staged a rebound rally after enduring its most challenging year since the 2008 financial crisis in 2022.

Inflation is falling faster than expected. Home prices have stayed firm against mortgage rates that have topped 7% at times. Consumers are still spending down their pandemic savings.

In our first edition of the Yahoo Finance Chartbook, each of these themes plays a prominent role.

Across the 50 charts featured in this collection, however, emerges a sense that we're waiting for something to happen — for that proverbial other shoe to drop. There is an unease churning below the year's calm surface.

Credit spreads are eyed. Leading economic indicators flagged. The lagged effects of the Federal Reserve's aggressive rate hikes are being monitored. And there are nascent signs of softening in the consumer.

The corporate flavor of the moment — artificial intelligence — only appears by inference. A lesson for the broader investor community, perhaps.

At a moment for investors in which consensus feels particularly elusive, our Chartbook is in keeping with the times. And we can't wait to hear your thoughts.