What to Expect From These 3 Q4 Earnings Late Reporters

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  • Macro factors have shifted in recent weeks, but that has not upset the market’s rally a whole lot

  • As the Q4 reporting period wraps up, our team spots three firms with later-than-usual earnings reports

  • March is also an active month for shareholder meetings and other industry conferences

Almost two months in, 2024 has been a year of surprises. Perhaps the biggest macro story that has done an about-face is the forward interest rate market. Traders went into the year expecting upwards of seven quarter-point rate cuts by the Federal Reserve. Today, following a hot set of January CPI and PPI data and last week’s FOMC minutes that further pinched the prospects of an ease any time soon, odds favor just three or maybe four cuts for 2024, according to the latest Fed Fund futures data and analysis by Jim Bianco. Of course, things will continue to change, but markets have proven to be generally resilient in this tighter outlook, at least according to the modest gain in the S&P 500® year to date.