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See It Market: 2023 Surge in Reverse Splits: A Reflection of Wall Street’s Unease

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  • Traditional splits were all the rage in 2021 amid a speculative frenzy in financial markets
  • 2023 Trend: reverse splits are sharply on the rise!
  • We highlight three firms each impacted by the pandemic and its aftermath; two forced to go the reverse-split route and the other enjoying high times in the auto market

Bear markets will wear you out if they don’t scare you out. We are coming up on the first anniversary of the S&P 500’s 3491 bottom. It was just 12 months ago when investors were unnerved by Fed Chair Jay Powell’s short and stern 8-minute message at the 2022 Jackson Hole Economic Symposium. Equities would then go into a tailspin for the following eight weeks, eventually finding a floor after the September CPI report released in mid-October.