Investor Relations

Corporate events are becoming increasingly important to IR professionals to optimize event planning, target key investor conferences and monitor the latest industry developments. For IROs, understanding that not all publicly sourced data is the same therefore, the need for accurate corporate event data is essential.

IROs are finding Wall Street Horizon's Enchilada, the customizable web-based application, helpful for competitive intelligence/peer research because it rolls up all the corporate events for 9,000 global public equities in one convenient location. In addition, Enchilada is also available to the corporate "C-suite" and IR professionals through the Virtua and Issuer Direct platforms.


Key Benefits

Avoid Surprises. Save Time. Make More Informed Decisions

By integrating the significant corporate events for 9,000 global public companies into a customizable online application, Enchilada will help ensure you:

  • Schedule your IR/corporate events for the optimal dates and times
  • Find out immediately what events your competitors/peers are participating in
  • Avoid being surprised by event-triggered swings in your competitors'/peers' stock price
  • Save time and effort tracking down events you should be participating in
  • Provide higher levels of service to your key investors

Key Features

Focus on the Companies and Events Most Important to You

Enchilada's key features include:

  • 40+ different corporate event types to search from
  • Coverage of 9,000 global companies
  • The ability to create an unlimited number of company watch-lists
  • Integrated email functionality for notifying team members and colleagues of events
  • The ability to easily download your query results into an XML file
  • Custom report emailed to you each morning containing only those companies and corporate events you care most about