Weekly Corporate Event Highlights

Staying on top of corporate events is critical for any investment firm. Academic research has shown that events as well as event revisions can affect volatility. Below are examples of how some events can influence stock price:

Earnings dates: Studies have shown that when a company moves a date forward from the expected earnings announcement date they tend to beat expectations and when a company moves a date back they tend to miss expectations.

Conference calls: Some analysts believe moves in a stock after an earnings call are often counterintuitive to the earnings release.

Conference presentations: Cancellation of presentations at investor conferences is often considered a negative trigger for company shares.

Movie or video releases: Similar to other events, a delay or postponement of the release date may have a negative effect on the price of the stock and cause volatility.

Same store sales announcements: This metric tells investors whether a company is actually growing in popularity or improving its pricing power, or if it's simply growing its sales by opening more stores.

Following are notable events from earnings reports and dividend dates to splits and M&As impacting the most widely held securities scheduled each week.