Retail Trading Platform

Wall Street Horizon provides institutional traders and investors worldwide with the most accurate forward-looking corporate event data. The same powerful global event data can be delivered to your retail trading clients, keeping them apprised of critical maket-moving events and event revisions to capitalize or avoid risk from the ensuing volatility.

NEW - Global Events Calendar

Global Events Calendar provides you with a timely, accurate, comprehensive, and easy-to-implement corporate events calendar that will engage your customers so they keep coming back to your trading portal, deliver more assets to your firm, and increase their investment activity.

Global Events Calendar delivers key data on the range of upcoming corporate events needed to display a complete calendar for investable stocks traded in Canada and worldwide. One concise format for all event types allows for seamless integration into any retail trading platform. Learn more.

WSH Benefits

Extensive Canadian Coverage

  • Wall Street Horizon now covers more than 11,000 companies worldwide including all common stocks traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venture Exchange. The newly extended coverage will benefit large Canadian-based financial firms with retail trading platforms that need corporate event data for small/medium cap equities to balance out client portfolios.

Unparalleled Accuracy

  • When tracking and trading on volatility, precision and timeliness are key. Wall Street Horizon has 20 years of experience focused solely on providing the most accurate corporate event data and is widely recognized in the industry.

Proven Primary Sourced Methodology

  • Wall Street Horizon continually monitors multiple primary sources of corporate event data, including press releases, company websites, SEC and SEDAR filings, and corporate IR information.

Flexible Delivery

  • Global Events Calendar is refreshed overnight and can be delivered as a streaming companion to Toronto Reference Data and Venture Reference Data Feed (TRD/VRD) or JSON file transmitted via FTP.

Integrating Wall Street Horizon Events

Every Wall Street Horizon event record includes a unique Event Identifier and Company ID. The WSH Security Master provides Company ID, Company Name, ISIN, Stock Symbol, and Stock Exchange so that you can match and append WSH Company ID to your organization's Security Master. The WSH Security Master file is made available and updated daily at no charge to clients.

Join Our Premier Partnership Program to Increase Eyeballs

Due to increasing customer demand for accurate corporate event data, many industry leaders have incorporated Wall Street Horizon data on their platforms to arm investors with a key research tool in their pursuit of alpha. Join our elite roster including Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade, Interactive Brokers, Etrade, Robinhood, and more. Through these channel partnerships, Wall Street Horizon data reaches 75 million retail desktops/devices worldwide.