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Wall Street Horizon Upgrades Event-Driven Alerting Services

Industry-leading suite of single-stock event alerts enhanced with broader coverage, optimized algorithms and detailed historical data

Woburn, MA, December 16, 2013 – Wall Street Horizon, a leading provider of low-latency alerting and intra-day monitoring of single-stock events calendar data, today announced the second generation of its alerts services for earnings date confirmations and dividend announcements. Advancements include algorithm enhancements for more accurate identification and analysis of relevant events, coverage of more primary information sources, and delivery of richer metadata to support trade decision workflow.

"We know that automated and algorithmic traders and market makers need real-time updates to trade on or step away from volatility associated with upcoming corporate events," said Barry L. Star, Managing Director for Wall Street Horizon. "Unlike economic events, where the timing of an announcement is known and predictable, the declaration of an upcoming dividend or the confirmation of an upcoming earnings release is itself a news event that has immediate impact on the options market. This suite of upgrades comprises the second generation of our single-stock event alert services that give our clients visibility ahead of volatility."

In the new Version 2.0 of Real-Time Earnings Date Monitor (EDM) and Real-Time Dividends Announcement Monitor (RDM), Wall Street Horizon has refined the methodology used to generate its low-latency event announcement alerts. The algorithms that power both EDM and RDM have been enhanced based on the company's in-house expertise applied to empirical data from more than 100,000 announcements. The many real-world variations in language and structure found in press releases have been factored into the data feeds' parsing and filtering functions. This results in more comprehensive and accurate processing, producing more reliable machine-readable alerts. EDM and RDM 2.0 also have new confidence-scoring metadata that gives clients an important workflow tool to differentiate between announcements deemed tradable and those requiring additional research or review.

In addition, Wall Street Horizon earlier this year added EDM Prime and RDM Prime, expanding its low latency alerts beyond data extracted from corporate press releases to include updates made by its team of data analysts. The Prime feeds stream real-time updates from the monitoring of company websites and SEC filings, and most importantly from the more than 50,000 proactive contacts made by Wall Street Horizon analysts each year to corporate investor relations departments.

"Since only 80% of earnings date confirmations and 92% of dividends are announced over news wires, a broader approach covering all primary-source channels is critical to delivering event alerts with no surprises," added Mr. Star. "Combining automated processing of events news with manual data collection and proactive sourcing by experienced analysts is the only way to provide comprehensive and precise data. There are no shortcuts. It's how we've earned our reputation over the past 10 years as the industry's most accurate and trusted provider in this segment."

The company also announced enhancements to its DateBreaks monitor of earnings date confirmations and revisions to include additional event state changes. DateBreaks now includes a robust history of earnings date confirmations for 5,000 North American companies dating back to 2006 that can be leveraged in quantitative model development and back-testing. 

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