Wall Street Horizon Boosts Low-Latency Events Feeds


Woburn, Mass.-based corporate earnings and event data provider Wall Street Horizon has expanded the scope of its low-latency dividends and earnings data announcement feeds beyond data extracted from corporate press releases, to include updates made to its corporate events database by its team of data analysts.

WSH rolled out the "second generation" of its Real-Time Dividends Monitor and Real-Time Earnings Date Monitor over the first quarter of this year, and both are now in live production, says Todd Richman, executive vice president of sales and marketing at the vendor.

The low-latency datafeeds extract and distribute information on dividends and earnings dates from press releases issued over major North American primary source newswires, and the new versions of the feeds also include dividends and earnings information collected by the vendor's data analysts and disseminated in real time to clients as the corporate events database is updated. WSH analysts systematically monitor corporate websites and SEC filings, and regularly contact corporate investor relations departments to populate the database with the most up-to-date information, Richman says.

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