See It Market: What’s The Next Financial Shoe To Drop?

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  • Banking turmoil has cast aside the Fed and inflation as the key macro risk 
  • With Q1 earnings just a few weeks away for many large and small Financials sector companies, volatility likely persists in the near term
  • We spotted one regional bank with a suspiciously late earnings date confirmation that warrants closer attention following the SIVB collapse

Did you have “systemic regional banking crisis” on your 2023 financial risks bingo card? What makes a market shock a true black swan is that few market participants see it coming. Everyone from Wall Street pros to families on Main Streets across America knew that inflation was a key concern in 2023. And every pundit was sure that the Fed’s actions could bring about volatility in both the equity and fixed-income markets this year. But the sudden failure of SVB Financial (SIVB) brought a crisis in confidence in the banking industry front and center.