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Wall Street Horizon and Lucena Research Partner to Integrate Event Data onto the Lucena Analytic Platform

Woburn, MA, May 20, 2015 – Wall Street Horizon, provider of single-stock event research data for institutional investors and traders, and Lucena Research, provider of big-data analytics and decision support technology, today announced a partnership to allow clients to evaluate and model Wall Street Horizon data within Lucena’s analytic platform. 

The strength of Lucena’s newly comprehensive analytics platform combined with in-house quantitative expertise allows institutional investor clients including quantitative analysts, algorithmic traders and hedge fund traders to integrate multiple data types, investigate the signals that the data presents and develop trading and risk strategies.   Wall Street Horizon’s meticulously kept archived history of single-stock research data plays a key role for this in-depth back testing and modeling.

“Wall Street Horizon is excited to make our unique corporate event data available alongside other data types within Lucena’s powerful and agile analytic platform,” said Bruce Fador, president and chief commercial officer. “In addition to their state of the art platform, Lucena’s in-house quantitative experts investigate the data to derive quant or algo strategies.”

“Lucena is committed to working-hand-in-hand with independent proprietary data providers like Wall Street Horizon, and to give our clients the most comprehensive and meaningful data they need to discover and capitalize on investment opportunities,” said Erez Katz, Co-Founder and CEO of Lucena. “We believe that a successful quantitative-based investment strategy must include both quality data coupled with computational technology that helps investment professionals extract meaningful and actionable intelligence from that data. I am confident that this approach in conjunction with sound investment practices will yield the best investment results.”

About Wall Street Horizon
Wall Street Horizon provides institutional investors and traders with single-stock event data, including earnings calendar, dividends, and corporate events. With access via machine-readable feeds, low-latency alerts and intra-day updates, the company's data is widely recognized for its unmatched accuracy and quality. For more information, please visit or email us at

About Lucena Research
Lucena Research is a leader in decision support technology for investment professionals. Lucena delivers quantitative analysis and statistical forecasting based on machine learning technology that enable our customers to exploit market opportunities with precision and to reduce risk in their portfolios.

Headquartered in Atlanta GA, Lucena supports a wide range of investment professionals worldwide.

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