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IR Magazine: More companies delayed earnings in Q2 2022 than at start of pandemic, finds research

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Wall Street Horizon’s Late Earnings Report Index has been ‘trending higher’ in recent months, says firm.

A newly launched index, tracking off-trend earnings announcements from US firms, had a score of 144 for Q2 2022 – higher than the Q1 2020 reading of 133, when companies were ‘grappling with the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic’.

The Late Earnings Report Index (Leri) from corporate data firm Wall Street Horizon tracks how many earnings date confirmations are later or earlier than their historical norm. A reading over 100 demonstrates more companies are delaying reports – signaling that investors should keep a more careful eye on the market, according to Wall Street Horizon, which says the ‘timing of a firm’s earnings release is one indicator of its financial health,’ citing findings from recent independent academic research measuring the potential for portfolio gains from earnings announcement trading signals.