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Factset Insight: Investor Day Month: Key Analyst Days Happening in March

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The fourth-quarter earnings season is in the books. Investors now focus their attention on important analyst conferences and investor days hosted by the world’s most prominent companies. March is among the busiest months for these corporate events. Now more than ever, stockholders must stay tuned to the latest happenings and announcements at investor events. News breaks, product and market trend updates are shared, and executives give pivotal outlooks. In addition, amid geopolitical uncertainty and a waning pandemic, analysts and investors are seeking guidance from the world’s top executives on how 2022 will evolve.

Corporate Events Drive Volatility

Analyst meetings are often annual gatherings where Wall Street sell-side analysts confer with company management to get new clues on a firm’s operating outlook. CEOs and CFOs also provide a bit of a health checkup to the public. Investor conferences, on the other hand, are intended for shareowners, but analysts often attend as well. These corporate events can move stock and options prices.