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As earnings season kicks off, investors hope for optimistic forecasts to justify record stock prices

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Earnings season starts with a rare confluence of bullish factors: stocks at new highs, economic reports exceeding expectations, the vaccine rollout accelerating, an uber-dovish Fed, higher tax fears diminishing, and most importantly, expectations that CEOs will provide far more guidance than they did in 2020. 

While CEOs got away with claiming poor visibility and declined to provide guidance last year, that will not work in 2021. Bulls are expecting CEOs to discuss how the reopening of the U.S. economy will be affecting profits, and they are fully expecting that tone to be on the bullish side. 


Early signs are encouraging.

Companies are confirming earnings dates and shareholder meetings much earlier than last year. “We take this as a sign that companies have good things to share on their upcoming calls,” Christine Short from Wall Street Horizon said in a note to clients.