Wall Street Horizon Introduces Enchilada, the Most Accurate and Comprehensive Source for Corporate Event Dates and Information

WOBURN, MA, September 29, 2015 – Wall Street Horizon, a provider of extremely accurate and timely corporate event dates and information for institutional investors and traders, today introduced its revolutionary new service, Enchilada.  Enchilada integrates all of Wall Street Horizon's expanding list of forward-looking and historical datasets into one easy-to-use online application, putting all important volatility events for 5,000 U.S. equities at your fingertips.

With Enchilada, you can currently search on over twenty five (25) different corporate event types on a ticker-by-ticker basis or create and search across an unlimited number of custom portfolio watch lists.  While the number of event types will continue to grow, current event types in Enchilada include earnings dates, dividend dates, options expiration dates, stock splits, spinoffs, secondary offerings and a wide range of investor-related conferences.  Integrated calendar and email functionality make it easy to schedule event reminders and inform colleagues and clients of important upcoming events.  

Key Benefits
With Enchilada, institutional investors and traders can:

  • Avoid being surprised by a sudden event-triggered swing in a stock's price
  • Save time finding, monitoring and updating important and hard-to-find corporate event information
  • Avoid the expense of poorly timed investment and trading decisions
  • Provide higher levels of service to colleagues and clients
  • Get up-and-running quickly with zero implementation and training costs

"For the past decade clients have been using our data to capitalize on event-related volatility or avoid its risks," said Barry L. Star, CEO of Wall Street Horizon.  "Until now however, our datasets were only accessible through machine-readable data feeds.  With Enchilada, we've combined all our datasets into one online application which makes our valuable information accessible to a much broader audience of institutional investors and potentially retail investors as well."   

"It’s important to be aware of corporate events because they will often push a stock’s price higher or lower," said Aaron Rappaport, COO, Longview Asset Management.  "Unfortunately however, it takes a lot of time for our staff to track down all of the corporate events for the stocks we follow and much of the data out there is unreliable.  Enchilada solves these problems as everything is in one place and we can see that the data is more accurate and up-to-date than any other service out there.  Wall Street Horizon’s sole business focus is on corporate events, and it shows."

About Wall Street Horizon
Wall Street Horizon provides institutional investors and traders with an ever expanding set of forward-looking and historical corporate event datasets including earnings dates, dividend dates, options expiration dates, splits, spinoffs and a wide variety of investor-related conferences.  With access via machine-readable feeds or Enchilada, its easy-to-use online application, the company's data is widely recognized for its unmatched accuracy and timeliness.  For more information, please visit www.WallStreetHorizon.com or email us at info@wallstreethorizon.com.

Media contact
Eric Soderberg
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