Data Minds: Watch for Bear Traps! Using Data-Driven Signals in a Down Market | September 8, 2022 [Recording Available]

As the global market shifts into bear market territory, it is more important than ever to incorporate data -- ranging from market data to corporate activity data -- into your trading and risk strategies. Capital markets experts focus on data sourcing and use cases to help arm you to outperform your benchmark. Speaker information available below video. 

Experts weigh in on topics including:

  • How to evaluate data quality when sourcing multiple datasets
  • Data use cases for maximizing return and managing risk
  • Most impactful corporate catalysts that cause volatility in this down market
  • How ETFs factor into your portfolio, looking at it from both alpha and risk angles


Steven Levine

Senior Market Analyst
Interactive Brokers

Steven has served the financial services industry for more than 20 years, performing senior roles in risk management, compliance, clearance and settlement, and journalism, primarily for the fixed income and credit markets. He produces trading educational material for the IBKR Campus at Interactive Brokers, including producing webinars, writing market commentary, and crafting instructor-led courses. He also hosts a series of podcasts, engaging his guests in a broad spectrum of topics - from macroeconomics, monetary policy, and geopolitics - to the Metaverse, Central Bank Digital Currencies, and structured finance -- to corporate event data.


Olga Kane, CAIA

Managing Director

Olga Kane is a Managing Director at Synthesis, focusing on statistical arbitrage in equity markets. Olga has over 15 years of experience where she held senior roles on both buy-side and sell-side and developed her professional expertise on the intersection of traditional fundamental asset management and cutting-edge technologies transforming the industry. Olga is a frequent speaker at industry conferences on topics of machine learning and big data analysis in investment research.

Elizabeth Pritchard

Founder and CEO
White Rock Data Solutions, LLC

Elizabeth is an analytics-driven C-Suite innovator, trusted advisor and turnaround specialist with over 25 years of experience improving business outcomes with data in finance across buy-side, sell-side and fintech. Her executive roles include 19 years at Goldman Sachs as Managing Director leading Market and External Data, COO leading AIG's Global Science Team Portfolio & Operations and Co-Founder at Crux Informatics. Elizabeth is Non-Executive Director of Eagle Alpha.

Nick Kalivas

Head of Factor and Core Equity Product Strategy

Nick's role includes developing product-specific strategies, as well as creating thought leadership to help position the smart beta and factor-based ETF and index lineup. Before joining Invesco, he was a featured contributor for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and provided research services to a NY-based global macro commodity trading advisor. Nick has been quoted in WSJ, FT, NYT, Reuters and the AP, and has made numerous appearances on CNBC and Bloomberg.

Jeremy Payne

Chief Product Officer
Formerly at Canalyst

Jeremy is a Chief Product Officer with nearly 20 years of experience delivering innovation at the ever-evolving intersection of finance, data and technology, with deep knowledge of the financial services industry. He has played principal product roles at Capital IQ, iLevel Solutions, Bloomberg and Canalyst.

Mike Zaccardi, CFA, CMT

Financial Writer

Mike is a freelance writer focused on financial markets and investments creating content for financial companies such as SoFi and Ally. In addition, he has many years of experience in the energy industry and teaching at the university level. Mike's work is published regularly in many financial outlets including Trader's Magazine, Tabb Forum, Seeking Alpha,, Seeitmarket, and more.