NYC Panel Event Video: Uncovering Alpha Using Alternative Datasets

 Check out the videos below of the event held at the Yale Club on May 17th featuring our esteemed panel discussing the role alternative data is playing on the buyside trading desk and beyond. The engaging discussion includes different perspectives on the rise of alternative data sources that institutional traders, for the first time, have been able to harness to contribute meaningful alpha through the trading process.

Panel Members:        

Dan Furstenberg, Managing Director, Jefferies & Co. (moderator)
Tom Doris, CEO and Founder, OTAS Technologies
Barry Star, CEO, Wall Street Horizon
Jamie Benincasa, Sr. VP & Global Head of Sales, FlexTrade
Leigh Drogen, CEO, Estimize
Vinesh Jha, CEO, ExtractAlpha


Part 1: Event panel discussion includes how the types of data and the rate of data and dataset creation have changed over the past few years and how the changes have affected the ability to seek new alpha signals.


Part 2:  Event panel includes the differences between structured and unstructured data, granular vs. aggregate data sourcing, and perspectives from the trading desks of how their strategies for seeking alpha differ from classic portfolio quants.


Barry Star, CEO, Wall Street Horizon discusses how traders find signals in earnings date revisions.


Barry Star detailing the "dirty, messy" details of event data collection.