Wall Street Horizon Expands Corporate Event Dataset to Include Full TMX Canadian Stock Coverage

Wall Street Horizon Expands Corporate Event Dataset to Include Full TMX Canadian Stock Coverage

Nets a 15% Increase to the Global Wall Street Horizon Universe

Woburn, MA, May 22, 2024 – Wall Street Horizon (WSH), the leading provider of market-moving global corporate event data, today announced the expansion of its data coverage to include all common stocks traded on Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venture Exchange.  This will increase its data universe by 15%, totaling over 11,000 publicly traded companies worldwide.

Wall Street Horizon, a TMX company, offers more than 40 corporate event types including its flagship earnings and dividend calendars, and investor conferences and events for institutional trading and investment firms to capitalize or manage risk from the resulting volatility. The newly extended event data coverage features small/medium cap equities and provides insight to parts of the market that previously received little exposure. This expanded scope can help Canadian-based and global financial firms with retail trading platforms enhance their corporate event research. 

“As a leading financial market data and service provider to Canadian firms, we are always focused on identifying and meeting the particular needs of our clients, and we are seeing an increase in demand for high caliber corporate event data such as earnings announcements and investor conferences,” said David Shworan, CEO of QuoteMedia. “Wall Street Horizon has been a partner of QuoteMedia for many years, and we are pleased that they are now covering all stocks listed on Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venture Exchange for complete coverage on small and medium caps which are of growing importance.”

“Full TMX Canadian stock coverage for highly accurate corporate event data is essential for our buy side clients to monitor their comprehensive watchlists, which include midcap and microcap stocks,” said Dominic Dowd, Vice President, TMX Datalinx Product, Strategy & Analytics. “In a similar vein, we are actively reviewing client driven opportunities to expand our global event coverage in additional markets such as London, Hong Kong and India.”

The first product to launch with full TMX Canadian stock coverage is the new comprehensive Global Events Calendar, which contains 20 event types from earnings and dividend announcements to investor conference analyst events and presentations in one concise format for ease of implementation. For more details, email info@wallstreethorizon.com.

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Wall Street Horizon, a TMX Company, provides institutional traders and investors with an ever-expanding set of forward-looking and historical corporate event datasets, including earnings dates, dividend dates, and a wide variety of investor conferences and events. Covering 11,000+ publicly traded companies worldwide, the company offers more than 40 event types. Wall Street Horizon data is recognized globally for its unmatched accuracy and timeliness. For more information, please visit www.wallstreethorizon.com.

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