IEX Cloud Adds Corporate Events Data to Financial Data Delivery Platform

Wall Street Horizon data adds transparency into company drivers for broad range of market participants

New York – November 5, 2019 – IEX Cloud, a financial data delivery platform setting new standards for easy delivery and use of financial data, today announced that it had integrated corporate event data from Wall Street Horizon as a new Premium Data offering.

The Wall Street Horizon data included on IEX Cloud spans not only typical corporate events such as M&As, buybacks and shareholder meetings, but also more in-depth details, such as trade show appearances and sector-specific drivers like movie releases in the entertainment industry and FDA advisory committee meetings in the pharmaceutical space.

“Access to data should not be a barrier to entry when it comes to analyzing stock performance and innovating in the fintech space,” said Jessica Murray, Operations and Strategic Partnerships at IEX Cloud. “We’re thrilled to be working with Wall Street Horizon to bring our users even more information about public companies, so they can focus on how they want to use that data, not how to get it in the first place.”

Founded in 2003, Wall Street Horizon is known as an industry leader in corporate event data, integrating multiple primary sources of corporate event data to create an up-to-date view into market-moving events.

“We are delighted that IEX Cloud chose Wall Street Horizon to be its first Premium Data partner,” said David Francoeur, Vice President at Wall Street Horizon. “Our market intelligence mission is to deliver the industry’s best corporate event data to help clients find alpha and mitigate risk. We’re excited to innovate with IEX Cloud.”

As IEX Cloud’s first Premium Dataset, Wall Street Horizon data is priced on a pay-as-you-go basis, separate from subscribers’ monthly message allocations. Premium Data on IEX Cloud is designed to go above and beyond IEX Cloud’s Core Financial Data, offering access to specialized datasets from curated partners through the single, easy-to-use IEX Cloud API.

For more information on getting started with corporate event data on IEX Cloud, please refer to our documentation and our FAQ on Premium Data. Data creators interested in integrating with IEX Cloud should reach out to

Wall Street Horizon data on IEX Cloud launch, market open at IEX

In celebration of the launch of Wall Street Horizon Data on IEX Cloud, Wall Street Horizon CEO Barry Star and VP David Francoeur opened the market at IEX on October 30.


Wall Street Horizon CEO Barry Star and VP David Francoeur are joined by IEX President Ronan Ryan.


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