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Factset Insight: Q4 2021 Investor Conference and Event Highlights

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Conferences, forums, summits, and trade shows are among the most important events traders must mark on their calendars. Stock-specific news is often released at these gatherings of executives, analysts, and industry experts. When it comes to keeping track of the hundreds of investor-related conferences per quarter, staying in the know is a challenge for traders and portfolio managers. Wall Street Horizon reports on more than a dozen derivatives of investor-related conferences covering 9,000 companies worldwide.

Questions to Ponder:

  • Is retail ready for booming consumer holiday season demand?
  • Are executives and the world’s biggest companies comfortable increasing workers’ pay?
  • How are oil and gas firms responding to emerging challenges and alternative energy priorities?
  • What innovations will the Technology and Health Care sectors bring us?
  • Are regulations on the way for mega-cap stocks that continue to scoop up market share?
  • Is cryptocurrency an opportunity or threat to the Financials sector?