Investors Are Suffering More Losses Due to Poor Earnings Calendar Data, Wall Street Horizon Survey Finds

Results indicate earnings release dates and changes to those dates are critical corporate event data for institutional investors

Woburn, MA – June 22, 2022 – Wall Street Horizon, the leading provider of market-moving corporate event data, today released the results of its annual event-driven survey. The findings show that institutional investors are increasingly using corporate event data to get ahead of market volatility. Specifically, changes to earnings announcement dates resulted in an increased number of losses than reported in last year’s survey.

In its sixth year, the survey polled more than 100 portfolio managers, traders/investors, and researchers at quantitative and discretionary fund managers.

Key findings include:

  • Earnings announcements and earnings date changes ranked as the top two corporate event types that are most important to follow.
  • Half of respondents experienced a loss due to an earnings date that was missing, incorrect or had changed.
  • Out of the 50% that suffered a loss, 41% reported that they missed a trade, 24% resulted in a poorly timed investment and 24% affected trading strategies.
  • Macroeconomic risk was the primary risk concern (41%) followed by geopolitical risk (32%) and data and misinformation risk (10%).

The 2022 survey indicated the top five corporate events tracked included: earnings announcements, earnings date changes, investor/analyst events, conference presentations, and mergers & acquisitions.  The most notable change from the 2021 poll is spinoffs, buybacks, and dividends dropped from the top five most impactful events.

“Independent academic research has shown that Corporate Body Language ─ changes to the earnings calendar ─ can provide predictive signals as to the future state of the company's health,” said Barry L. Star, CEO, Wall Street Horizon. “The survey reinforces that traders read the non-financial cues that include the signals public company executives relay to the market in their actions.”

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