Corporate Actions

Access corporate actions with feeds covering 9,500 publicly traded companies worldwide. The top datasets requested by capital markets clients includes:

  • Buybacks - includes completed, canceled or retired, based on either end date, tender expiration date or updated date, plus all open future buybacks.
  • Secondary Offerings - features closed, postponed or canceled, based on closing date or updated date, plus all open future secondary offerings.

  • Spinoffs - covers completed or canceled, based on first trade date, plus all approved or pending future corporate breakups.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions - includes completed, rejected or canceled, based on close date, plus all proposed or announced future M&A's.

  • Stock Splits - includes announced stock split dates and ratios.
  • IPOs - Calendar of upcoming and recent IPOs including price range, float, trade date.
  • Announced Dividends with status and ETFs - Dividend record date, pay date, ex-div dates, amounts, status, frequency. ETFs include announced distribution dates & income and ETF projected distribution dates.