Apple Earnings & Event Calendar

Apple, Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL)

When is Apple's next earnings date?

Investors increasingly rely upon earnings announcement dates and changes to those dates to capitalize on trading opportunities or mitigate risk. Visit our earnings calendar page for more information on earnings and EPS offerings.

*If the earnings date status is unconfirmed, it indicates the date has not been confirmed by the company; the date shown is forecasted based on historical reporting trends verified by a Wall Street Horizon analyst.

Forecasted Earnings Dates (1 Year)

Historical Earnings Dates (1 Year)

Using Wall Street Horizon historical data as a primary data source, independent academic studies have shown that market volatility can be anticipated by the scheduling and revisions in corporate events. Wall Street Horizon's historical event data are the industry's largest, most detailed, and most accurate listings of this type of event data. Data is available from 2006-present -- historical timeframes vary per dataset. More details.


Where can I find Apple's historical earnings dates?

In the historical earnings dates table above, we include a one-year lookback at Apple's previous confirmed earnings dates.

Where can I find forecasted earnings dates for Apple?

In the forecasted earnings dates table above, we include a one-year outlook on forecasted dates for Apple based on Wall Street Horizon's proprietary algorithm.